Building With Us

Build Now: The Only Way To Own A Home With Little Or No Deposit With Our Unique System.

We help people get into a home with no or very low deposit compared to what is required by banks. We even provide rates that are lower than standard variable bank rates.

With our unique home ownership system, you can:

  1. Stop Wasting Thousands of Dollars Anually in Rent.
  2. Own Your Home Without a Deposit.
  3. Sell Your House Any Time & Make a Profit (Subject to Market Conditions)

 The longer you wait to own your own home, the more money you waste on rent. Why should you keep paying someone else's mortgage?

Who are Build Now?

Build Now is a builder, property development and finance company. We pride ourselves on running our unique home-ownership program to assist people get out of the 'rent cycle' and own their own home with a low or no deposit.

The Build Now team has over ten years of experience in helping people own their own homes.

How Do We Work?

We purchase exclusive blocks of land all over Melbourne. We then package these up with our floor plans then sell these houses to our clients one by one. Firstly, a qualified mortgage broker will pre qualify all potential clients with a bank loan that best suits our purchasers. After that, they will arrange the First Home Owners for them & finally finance for the shortfall deposit for our purchasers.